Nelly Kuria: “My dad is dying.”

I’m writing this because my family & I have run out of options.

Everything that we have, our property, our assets, our salaries, my parents’ retirement fund, everything we had we have put into taking care of my dad and yet it is not enough.

We need around 6 Million, yeah, I know it kind of takes your breath away huh? Big number. We need about that much so that we can take my dad to India for a liver transplant surgery.

Last time when we sent out a blood appeal we were overwhelmed by the responses we got so I don’t know who will read this & how far it will go but if you want to help my family & I here’s what you can do:

  1. Send ANY amount you can contribute to the James Kuria Mwangi-Medical Fund the Paybill number is 959255. The account no. can be your name or his name James Kuria.
  2. Share this update, this Paybill Number & this appeal for funds EVERYWHERE. Help us get any kind of media support, mobilize funds, social media etc. (I’ll also put up something on my Twitter account nelly_kuria.)
  3. Connect us to anyone you know at Immigration, the MOH, NHIF, an NGO etc as in ANYONE who can either help us get funding, has connections to hospitals in India or can help us speed up this process. We are running out of time.
  4. Help us get in touch with a family/individual that has gone through a chronic sickness or transplant surgery or you can recommend/connect us to a counselor/therapist anyone you think can help us get through this. We have never been here before, we don’t know how to deal with it, what to expect, how to react, how to process. We need help.

This is adapted from Nelly’s original Facebook post, which you can find here.

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