#HealthCrisisKe: Doctors share their side of the story

(Editorial foreword: Marcus Olang’)

Kenya is in crisis. 

At the moment, headlines and certain interests seem to reduce the heart of the current health sector paralysis to being a simple matter of salaries.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth, if the stories shared by doctors across the country are anything to go by.

A hashtag emerged on the 16th of January, in what appeared to be an attempt to paint all doctors as callous and incompetent. Kenyan doctors, however, seized the moment, sharing what they experience in the course of their work, to show that their current strike is about a lot more than just salaries.

Here are just a few accounts of the incredibly heart-wrenching experiences they encounter on a daily basis across the country, shared through the tags #MyBadDoctorExperience and #LipaKamaTender.

lipakamatender-1 lipakamatender-2 lipakamatender-3 lipakamatender-4 lipakamatender-5 lipakamatender-6 lipakamatender-7 lipakamatender-8 lipakamatender-9 lipakamatender-10 lipakamatender-11 lipakamatender-12 lipakamatender-13 lipakamatender-14 lipakamatender-15



This is just a tip of the iceberg. You can follow a lot more by following the hashtags, as well as this article – #LipaKamaTender Quick Overview – by Josephine K (@sunnykay).

See more of such doctors’ accounts on the Courage Stories Facebook page here.

Know a story of courage you want to share? Or are YOU a story of courage? Email us: couragestories@outlook.com

Don’t forget to attach high-quality pictures, so that we can use those to compose the captioned quotes. Don’t worry about how you write out your story – we’ll do the job of extracting the quotes from your text. Just tell your story from your heart.

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