Brian Wangila – Migraines and How I was Saved by the Bell

 This post has been adapted from Brian’s story, as written by him on his Medium feed on May 5th, 2016. See the first part of his story here.

Just shy of a year ago, I wrote a story about my ordeal with migraines which served to spread awareness on migraines and hopefully find someone out there who had found a solution to all this pain. I can say I accomplished the first, the latter not so much.

From the time of that article (June 2015) till last week, the migraines had become worse. More than worse. Inexplicable pain had become a daily affair. The good days became fewer and fewer.

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On my pain scale of 0 — no pain, to 10 — mother of all pain, this past year I have averaged an 8. My best day was a 5. My worst day was an 11, that had me rolling on the floor wriggling in pain, not knowing what to do.

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Sidebar: In 2014 December, I’d gone to India for the same Botox procedure because at the time we couldn’t find anyone locally who could carry it out. It gave me 2 months of pain free days. It is meant to be repeated but it just wasn’t financially viable, considering insurance did not cover it.

To explain this Botox procedure: You get 31 injections at different, very specific points around your head. The theory is that Botox works by blocking the release of certain chemicals and the movement of certain nerves and muscles.

Some notes:

  • The Botox treatment only works for those with chronic migraines — people who experience more than 15 days of migraines a month

  • It has a 50/50 percent chance on working so it’s not guaranteed

  • It only works for a period of time then you have to do it again or the migraines are back

  • The whole procedure takes under an hour depending on how the patient responds to the pain of the injections

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Botox is not a cure per se, consider it medication that just lasts long. Yes I know I have to repeat the Botox every 3 months and that will cost quite a bit of moneyBut as long as I can keep buying an extra 3 to 4 months of zero or very little pain, I will make sure I’m always on time. Ignoring that means chronic migraines, and no, we don’t want that.

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So if you suffer from chronic migraines, I urge you to give Botox a try. It may or may not work, but when you’ve been living in pain for so long, it doesn’t hurt to try.

NB: I would like to state that migraines still have no cure.

Brian Wangila

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  1. farida

    Its hard to understand someone else pain until your in the same position.And for me, I do understand His pain cause I have been in the same position though mine is not migraine. Though its severe I have to be on medication to feel like a normal person.


  2. Kawira

    Brian you are very strong..I have read the story of your life with migraines and I shed a tear. However, I smiled at the end and I found myself murmuring a thank you God. Keep up the hope and willpower of living a migraine free life. I said a prayer, and crossing my fingers literally that you don’t have to go through the botox again. 31 injections in the head must be a nightmare to someone who hasn’t experienced real pain..I am trusting God for your ultimate healing. I have read stories of people who have recovered from Migraines. Brian, your will power and trust in God will heal you. I thank God for the two pain free days..and continue to trust God for a pain free long life. By His strokes, you are healed. You will always be in my prayers. Thanks for sharing your story with the world. It should serve as a lesson to everyone to always thank God for the little, yet extremely important things that we take for granted like sleeping peacefully every night. Keep the Faith. I stand to intercede for your healing Brian.


  3. Millicent Wangui

    I wish to thank you (stories of courage) group for giving this platform and publishing pple stories. You never know the impact this has on people living with worst conditions and even to us who are healthy, it is a true affirmation that life free from sickness is a God given gift.
    Your different stories gives a person with similar or worse condition hope that today maybe cruel, tomorrow crueler but the day after tomorrow beautiful. It gives us hope that every pain, every adversity has an end and so we need to hold on, never give in to pain.
    A big thank you to the brave people who take their time to pen down their stories. GodSpeed in your journey to recovery and becoming the better you.



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