Brian Wangila – Living with Chronic Migraines; My Personal Experience

I’ve known Brian since we started sharing classes in Class 3. He’s one of the few people I’ve known for the majority of my existence. I consider him a dear friend – and what follows is just a snippet of an existence that few would have the courage to endure.

– Marcus Olang’

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However, over the years I’ve gotten to understand more about migraines. I’ve learnt some of the things that trigger the migraines. I’ve reduced my expectations about happiness and success.

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Most days I can’t do much, so I set a daily goal for myself — if I can upload one photo from my archives to my Instagram account, have at least one conversation and finish a meal, then I’ve completed my daily to do list. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my life is far from normal.

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I try to take the not so good days in my stride and hope for a better tomorrow. I refuse to give up hope. One day, this too shall pass…

Brian Wangila

 This post has been adapted from Brian’s story, as written by him on his Medium feed on June 24th, 2015. See second part of his story here.

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  1. Robert Simiyu Namaswa

    Brian’s story is a real story of courage. I work with people going through different types of pain,but Brian’s pain is incomparable. Brian,you may never meet so many of us,but trust me,you are evr in our prayers as I know your family- dad and mum are my friends.


  2. Eve

    It shall be well Brian no matter how hard things may seem.I got to know about it through ur amazing mom and am a prayer warrior for your issue.So many people shared your story and its amazing how many people stand with u in prayer..It shall be well..u will recover fully and share the testimony.Soon Brian very soon.


  3. Wanjiku Njagi

    My Bestfriend suffers From the same situation and I must Say it hasn’t been easy especially back In school everyone thought She was faking. I Was probably the Only one Who cared and never got tired of helping her out. she’d miss out on almost all the fun due to frequent migraines and numerous scans. But As I type I’m glad She’s been two months free of the pain, writhing and sulking. She’s getting better and so I’m I. it’s such a shame though when She Was sick almost everyone deserted her. So Brian I do understand what You feel and I’m glad to know My Bestfriend Is Not the Only one with such an issue.


  4. silvia

    migraines are a terrible nightmare and it becomes more dreaded when you can’t do anything, get drained physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially . Probably people think you are faking it coz “you love yourself too much” but we do know how it feels when light, sound and activities become enemies . One thing i know is that we live because of the God of Psalms 121 .. “He Never sleeps nor slumbers” . Press on for i know that you n I will make it through .


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