A Tribute to the #EndoSisters and #EndoWarriors

With March being Endometriosis Awareness Month, we will share stories of women who have lived with endometriosis, in the hope of helping us understand why this should not be dismissed as “normal”.

Even as we marked International Women’s Day this week, scores of women suffer in silence, often times not knowing that the cause of their intense pain may be endometriosis.

Many of our mothers, sisters, friends, wives, fiancees, girlfriends are forced to endure unimaginable pain, in part because we may not understand what the issue is, therefore dismissing it as “normal”.
But as Esther Mbugua-Kimemia says, painful periods are not normal. Pain is a sign that there is something wrong in the body – and painful periods are not an exception to that rule.

As a society around these women, including the men in the lives of #EndoSisters, learning more about this may be the first step towards alleviating the pain of endometriosis.


Jay Marura; Photographer and Endo Warrior

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 1

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 2

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 3

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 4

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 5

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 6

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 7

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 8

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 9

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 10

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 11

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 12

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 13

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 14

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 15

Endo Quotes - Jay Marura 16


Esther Mbugua-Kimemia; Writer and Endometriosis Ambassador

Endo Quotes - Esther Mbugua-Kimemia 1

Endo Quotes - Esther Mbugua-Kimemia 2

Endo Quotes - Esther Mbugua-Kimemia 3

Endo Quotes - Esther Mbugua-Kimemia 4

Endo Quotes - Esther Mbugua-Kimemia 5

Endo Quotes - Esther Mbugua-Kimemia 6

Endo Quotes - Esther Mbugua-Kimemia 7

Endo Quotes - Esther Mbugua-Kimemia 8

Endo Quotes - Esther Mbugua-Kimemia 9


Christine Gitonga; Single Mother & Financial Accountant

Endo Quotes - Christine Gitonga 1

Endo Quotes - Christine Gitonga 2

Endo Quotes - Christine Gitonga 3

Endo Quotes - Christine Gitonga 4

Endo Quotes - Christine Gitonga 5


Elsie Wandera; Founder, Endometriosis Foundation of Kenya

Endo Quotes - Elsie Wandera 1

Endo Quotes - Elsie Wandera 2

Endo Quotes - Elsie Wandera 3

Endo Quotes - Elsie Wandera 4

Endo Quotes - Elsie Wandera 5

Endo Quotes - Elsie Wandera 6


Salome Oyosi; EndoSister 

Endo Quotes - Salome Oyosi 1

If you know an #EndoSister willing to share their story, or are an #EndoSister yourself willing to share your story, email us a high quality image, with your story: couragestories@outlook.com

Your story will help other #EndoSisters and #EndoWarriors know that they need not suffer alone, nor in silence.

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