Rest in love, Roses

It’s been a painful couple of days for us at Stories Of Courage.

A dear and loved friend is lost to us, but not lost to love.

She certainly touched our lives with her warmth, unending love and ever-present smile; always quick with a word of kindness where it was needed.

We know of many a person who has lost a dearly beloved one in Njeri – a friend, a sister, a daughter, a fiancee… And little can be said that can dull the pain of this loss, nor wipe away the tears of disbelief.

Much like a candle’s flame amidst a gust of wind, this light has left us sooner than we’d have desired. Yet even in this loss, the light she shone upon our lives continues to live – precisely because she was ever ready to offer her own light in service, comfort and encouragement to others.

This is, perhaps, just one way by which we can continue to share with others just a little of the light she shared with us and those we know. And perhaps in sharing this light, a little of the love she had may touch a life somewhere.

“Faith, hope and love – but the greatest of these is love,” she kept reiterating.

You loved unreservedly.
Rest in love, Roses.

(All images used here are via Njeri’s Facebook page.)

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